ZIMBABWE: Even with ‘Tapestries of Hope’ girl child violence continues

ZIMBABWE, Africa: Three-year-old Runyararo screams every time she sees a man. She was found abandoned at a bus station. When the Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) took her for an examination there was evidence of sexual assault, and attempted penetration, a clear sign of rape though she has not yet been tested for HIV/AIDS.

In a country where the myth that ‘sex with a virgin’ can cure HIV/AIDS, there is a high probability she has already contracted the virus. Zimbabwe is in the top five AIDS countries in the world, with some estimating that 80% of adults live with AIDS.

Michealene Cristini Risley’s documentary film, Tapestries of Hope, exposes the myth of the HIV/AIDS cure claimed by those who believe that the rape of a young virgin will cure someone suffering from the disease.

Read the full article at http://womennewsnetwork.net/2011/11/28/zimbabwe-girl-child-violence-continues/

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Tapestries of Hope will premiere on SHOWTIME!

Tapestries of Hope will premiere on SHOWTIME beginning December 1st 7:30 PM (EST and Pacific Times).

For details and the documentary airing schedule check out the link here: http://www.redzone.sho.com/site/movies/movie.do?seriesid=0&seasonid=0&episodeid=139878

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