About Us

This movie began with a chance meeting between Betty Makoni and Michealene Risley in early 2007. It was through this meeting that Betty and Michealene worked together to create a story aimed at creating much needed change in how the world looks and reacts to violence against women and kids.

Throughout the process, when it seemed as if we could not move forward anymore – someone came along and offered a helping hand. The documentary was dubbed the movie, “The little Engine that could.” This is so true. To this day, it conjures up that little train huffing and puffing up that hill determined to finish. I think I can, I think I can. Of course, this train would have not made it up the hill without so many individuals and companies who felt the same way, and knew the importance of the message.

A BIG THANK YOU! to all those listed here, and the many others who helped make this a reality. It is because of you that this movie has made it out in the world. Toot! Toot!

in alphabetical order: And to the many individuals:
APPLE Computers
Architect Partners
B.L.T.  Creative
Brainstorm Media
Facebook, Inc.

Family Violence Prevention Center
Girl Child Network
Glover Park Group

LA duplication and broadcasting

LA Graphico
Midnight Oil
Palindrome Advisors
Pink Papaya
Red Hat Society
Young and Rubicam
Stanford University
Suzanne de Passe and
Madison Jones
Women’s International Perspective (WIP)
Women Thrive
Eric, Christopher, Austin and Dillon Risley
Susan Black
Marco Columbo
Sara Dotlich
Haven Dubrul
Anna Eshoo
Jeb Gutelius
Stewart Ghazvini
Paola Gianturco
Janelle Gibson
Andy Hutchinson
George Karahalios
Tom Kosnik
Sally Leiber
Chris Lohbrunner
Chip Lutton
Kathi Lutton
Irvine Perkins Nyamapfene
Amy Payne
Sonya Proctor
Danae Ringelmann
Kent Russell
Rachel Russell
Tim Scott
Casimir Starsiak
Michelle Titus
Michael Bird and Melanie Bailey-Bird
Connie Campbell
Cathy Carlson
Castro Travel
Kai Peter Chang
Josh Cohen
Dan Cole
Patricia Cortes, United Nations
Julia A. Craco
Lucile Dauffy
Ann Davis
Tony Donatelli
Ann Dreeszen
Allie Ferrari
The Front Porch Band
Keith and Agnes Bernstein
Donna Garrison
Dong Dong Ge
GEM Teams at Stanford University
Girl Scouts of Corte Madera
Joyce Johnson-Hamilton
Bill Hudson
Hasan Imam
Tim James
DJ Jiang
Bindu Joshi
Prachi Joshi Kale
Kepler’s Bookstore
La Belle Day Spa
Frank Lin
John Martin
McGrail Vineyards
Alex Medina
Desiree Michael
Zhonnai Micheal
Billy Minoque
Kjell Bomark-Noel
Meg Polestra
Natasha Price
Gloria Simoneaux
Ronald Sebilo-Tibbits
Erling Soderstrom
Bill Sparks
Suzanna Spring
Cynthia St. John
Deborah Collins Stephens
Eisaku Tokuyama
Helen Wang
Karl Wente
Wente Vineyards
Kimberly-Rose Wolter
Tsung Peter Wong
Garland L. Yee 

And our many friends, in Portola Valley and Woodside, California

In memory of Vidya Vasudevan